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New curriculum assessment now available!

Welcome to NSI Publishing – the primary school assessment company that only sells to schools
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Since 2003 NSI Publishing has been helping primary school teachers with assessment support.

We have supplied over 5000 schools with our easy-to-use assessment materials. By enabling teachers to recognise both good outcomes and areas of concern we believe this provides stress free method of monitoring pupil progress.

All assessments are supplied with a Pupil and Teacher Answer Pack with scores, grading indicators and an optional guide to levels.

They are supplied in CD format for easy print out with your school name and address watermarked on each page. Free “On Approval” copies for a 30 day trial are available.

By adopting a strict policy of only supplying schools we enable teachers to monitor pupil progress without home tuition or outside support. This means that the teacher has a better understanding of how the child is learning and what can be done to help them in the school.

For the new curriculum we now offer an extremely flexible and easy-to-use "by topic" assessment for Maths and Science.

Whatever the status of your school, Academy, Primary or Independent these assessments can be used according to your requirements and your teaching programme.

We are happy to send you a free “On Approval” sample for a 30 day period so you can be sure that our papers are exactly what you’re looking for. Please contact us at sales@nsip.co.uk, please advise your position and full school name and address.


Maths Progression by Topic for Years 1-6 covers the following topics:
Algebra (Year 6), Counting, Number and Place Value, Addition/Subtraction, Multiplication/Division, Fractions, Measurement including Time, Money, Properties of Shape, Position and Direction, Statistics, Solving Problems, Ratio and Proportion

Click here for sample pages from each topic supplied, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
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Science topics covered are:
Plants, Animals including humans, Living things and habitats, Seasonal changes, Rocks, Light, Forces and Magnets, Sound, Electricity. The assessments cover the statutory requirements of the science curriculum as well as supplying some non-statutory material.

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The ever popular Reading comprehension that use History and Religious Education as the source material.

For History the titles are:
Toys and Homes, Seaside Holidays, Florence Nightingale, The Great Fire of London, A Roman Case Study, The Tudors, The Victorians, The Ancient Egyptians, The Ancient Greeks, The Vikings, World War 2

For Religious Education the topics covered are:
What do signs and symbols mean in religion? How and why do Hindus celebrate Divali? What do we know about Jesus? What is the Bible and why is it important for Christians? What is faith and what difference does it make?

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